Hiring and Managing a Virtual Assistant for Your Real Estate Business

If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant (VA) for your real estate business, here are some steps and best practices to help you find, hire, and manage a VA effectively. 

Define tasks and company culture

Get clear on the tasks you need the VA to do and the values that are important to your company. This will help you create a job description and find a VA who aligns with your needs and company culture.

Write a detailed job description

Based on your needs and company culture, write a clear and detailed job description for the VA position. Be specific about the tasks, responsibilities, and expectations.

Research VA expectations and trends

If you’re hiring a VA from a specific country, research the expectations and trends in that country. For example, VAs in the Philippines may expect a bonus month of pay in December and may have certain communication or work habits. Knowing these in advance can help you work well together.

Post the job description on relevant platforms

Use job posting platforms such as onlinejobs.ph or other relevant websites to attract qualified applicants for the VA position.

Conduct video interviews

Once you have a pool of qualified applicants, conduct video interviews via platforms such as Skype, Zoom, etc. Focus on evaluating their qualifications, experience, and alignment with your company values. Check references (several just in case) and select the candidate that is the best fit. 

Set up communication and systems

Once the VA accepts the position, set up communication and systems to facilitate their work. Use tools such as Google Docs for protocol and recurring message templates, Google sheets for turnover scheduling, a shared Gmail account you and the VA can log into anytime, Google Contacts including renters and contractors, Google Voice for the shared company phone number, Dropbox for organizing and sharing real estate files like photos of apartments, Quicktime screen recordings for demonstrating how to do recurring real estate tasks on the computer, property management software (like Rentec), and receipt recording apps (like Expensify) to streamline communication. 

Monitor productivity and ensure work

Establish ways to monitor the VA’s productivity, such as daily summaries of work and questions, timestamp on relevant websites, and regular check-ins to ensure that the work is being done as expected.

Set up payment and security measures

Use reliable and secure payment methods such as Wise.com to pay the VA, and set up access controls in property management software to limit their access to sensitive information. Avoid sharing personal bank account information and set up auto-pay for bills and ongoing expenses wherever possible.

Remember, hiring and managing a VA requires clear communication, mutual trust, and ongoing supervision. Regularly review their performance, provide feedback, and adjust tasks and systems as needed to ensure a successful working relationship.