Trash and Recycling in the City of Ithaca

Trash tags can be purchased at the Cornell Campus Store, the Commons Market on Aurora St, grocery stores like Wegmans and Tops, etc. Just add “trash tags” to your grocery list.

You can tag an individual trash bag up to 35 lbs or tag a trash can holding up to 35 lbs. Each apartment has a specific trash can and recycling bin. Tagged trash is picked up from the curb weekly in Ithaca. Trash tags usually cost $4.50 per tag. You can buy them individually some places with a potential markup or buy a sheet of 6 tags.

Read more about Trash Removal in Ithaca. 

  • Buffalo St: Put trash out Monday nights
  • Columbia St: Put trash out on Wednesday nights
  • Giles St: Put trash out Tuesday nights
  • Seneca St: Put trash out Tuesday nights
  • Spring Lane and Buffalo: Put trash out on Buffalo St Monday nights
  • State St: Put trash out Monday nights
  • Stewart Ave: Put trash out Monday nights

Trash is picked up 4am – 7am. Please bring your trash cans and recycling bins back to the house the day trash is picked up. The city is serious about issuing $50 fines for leaving trash cans, trash, etc out on the curb for more than a day.

Find out what day your recycling is picked up

The city picks up recycling from the curb every other week. Make a recurring event in your calendar for every two weeks so you remember. Read more Recycling Guidelines here. If you miss a week, you can bring your recycling to the city dump on Rt. 13 past Wegmans for free. Mon-Sat 7am-3:30pm. It’s on the right just after Burger King. Our dump is actually amazing. At the dump you can also recycle electronics, rigid plastics, and metal. They accept compost as well. Unfortunately these materials are not picked up curbside.

Starting November 2nd, 2020, recycling bins will be rejected if they include wrong materials:

  • Padded Envelopes
  • Plastic Bags, Plastics without a #1, #2 or #5 on the bottom, Plastic Ice Cube Trays etc
  • Syrofoam
  • Electronics

There’s more info here: Why Didn’t They Take My Recycling? Common Recycling Mistakes to Avoid.