Cecilia B. in July, 2020

Alicia, Jonah, and Carla are the most attentive and flexible landlords! They made the landlord / tenant relationship so easy to navigate by quickly responding to emails and making repairs.

Last summer, my previous lease with another rental company ended a few days before my lease with True Renew Homes began. Alicia and Jonah made accommodations for me to move my furniture into my new apartment a few days early so that I would not have to pay for a storage space in between leases. That’s just one example of their flexibility as landlords. After renting for many years in the past in various cities, I had grown accustomed to a very formal, and often, unequal, relationship with landlords, but I always felt like the True Renew team was working with me and trying to make my year with them the best it could be!

Chloe C. in June, 2020

The landlords at True Renew are absolutely fabulous! They are reliable, communicative and cater to residents in a way I have never experienced in Ithaca before. I will definitely be recommending their resources for future students.

Jeriann S., 2017-present

Alicia and Jonah Freedman are the best property owners I have rented from! They have great communication and are always on point if and when I need anything done. They are respectful and are always courteous!

George B., 2012-present

The landlords are friendly and nice. They are quick to respond to any question or concern the tenants may have.

Hema S., 2016-present

Alicia and Jonah are dependable and friendly landlords. I am especially happy to be their tenant because of how easy it is to communicate with them and how quickly problems get resolved with their assistance.

Arjun Shyam S. in April, 2020

Alicia and Jonah are the nicest landlords anyone can have. They go out of their way to make sure your stay is comfortable, thereby ensuring that their house becomes your home as well.

Ananda B. in April, 2020

Alicia and Jonah were the ideal landlords. The tenant/landlord relationship can often feel strained or uneven in power, but they were always fast and attentive to my needs without being overbearing in any way. When I did finally move out they even gave me chocolate as a parting gift! I would genuinely recommend renting from these stress-free folks.

Tenant review from Mateo

Mateo D. in August, 2021

True Renew Homes are terrific landlords! Communication with them is straightforward, and they will promptly help with maintenance requests or any other issues. I had a fantastic time living in one of their apartments. I would recommend True Renew Homes to anyone looking for housing in Ithaca.

Kimberly F. in August, 2021

Alicia and Jonah were great landlords -10/10!  Coming from over 700 miles away and being new to the area,  True Renew made my time in Ithaca worry free-from finding a new place to always being prompt to meet my needs as a tenant.

James O. in November, 2021

True Renew Homes should be the standard for all Ithaca property management. Alicia and Jonah are great landlords and do their best to make sure that their tenants are happy. I’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions with them when they’ve come to check on the house or even around town. My experience signing for my house was a smooth process, and they were always prompt with maintenance requests. I ended up living in the same house for my 2 years of grad school and met some of my best friends at Cornell as roommates all because Alicia did a great job making sure her tenants are a good fit. Thanks so much for making my Ithaca experience memorable!