Subletting Process

There is a $20 admin fee for onboarding a subletter.

True Renew leases state:


The Tenant may not transfer any of its rights under this lease to any other person or entity (ex: sublet the apartment) without the prior written approval and permission of the Landlord.  Said approval and permission of the Landlord shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of the Landlord.  Said approval and permission will not be unreasonably withheld. An administrative fee of $20 will be paid by the Tenant for the Landlord interviewing, doing background checks, setting up the sublet agreement form and onboarding a subletter. Said administrative fee will be deemed additional rent. Tenant(s) agrees to provide Landlord with SUBLET INFORMATION AND AGREEMENT FORM, such document to be approved by, and filed with, the Landlord.  All deposits made by the original Tenant(s) will remain on deposit with the Landlord until the end of the lease term. The rent is to be paid to landlord by tenant not sub tenant. AirBnb or any similar short-term rental is not permitted.

The Tenant (not the subletter) will be responsible for paying for any cleaning fees and repair costs incurred by the subletter.

Steps for subletting your apt:

  1. If you have roommates, ask them for permission. Tell them the subletter information, the dates they would sublet, make agreements about how clean the subletter will leave your room and the common spaces, who pays if the subletter causes damage and refuses to pay to fix it, etc.  Your housemates will need to email the Landlord that they approve of the subletter the Tenant has chosen and agree to the terms you have discussed.
  2. Figure out the details for the subletter and share your current lease with them. Will the apt be furnished or unfurnished when the subletter is there? Is your apartment pet-free?
  3. Introduce the potential subletter to the Landlord via email with
    1. Their full name, email address, phone number and current address
    2. Their current landlord’s name, email address and phone number
    3. If the subletter has a pet and the apartment is not pet-free, the subletter’s previous landlord contact info is required as well
  4. Once the Landlord has contacted the subletter and their current landlord (and previous landlord if they have a pet that can be approved), the Landlord will send the sublet agreement to the Tenant and Subletter to sign.
The Tenant will continue to pay rent directly to the Landlord as agreed for the duration of the lease. The subletter does contact the Landlord directly if repairs are needed. Any damage they cause will come out of the Tenant’s security deposit.

The Tenant is responsible for any cleaning fees, repair costs and trash removal fees needed to return the apartment to the state it was when they moved in. Tenants are encouraged to hold on to a security deposit from the Subletter. 

The pet policy is firm. If there are no pets currently on the lease, there will be no pets in the apartment during the sublet. Any pets in the apartment during the sublet must be approved in writing by the Landlord in advance. If an unapproved pet is in the apartment, the sublet will be immediately terminated.