True Renew Homes How to Stay Warm in Fall

Staying Warm in Autumn

We usually do not turn furnaces on until after October 1st, when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees some nights. Late September and October is when our newer tenants contact us the most about being chilly. Tenants who renewed know that when the temperature drops in November, they will feel warmer.

Don’t be afraid that you will be cold all winter!

Here are 10 ways to be comfortable during Autumn in Ithaca:

  1. First consider what you are wearing. Are you still wearing shorts and sandals when the temperatures at night drop and the furnace is turned on in October? It’s probably time to wear socks, pants, and a couple layers of shirts.
  2. Get a heavy blanket for your bed.
  3. Dress in layers. It is really the key to being happy in Ithaca’s wildly fluctuating temperatures. You can peel off your layers once you’re sweating from walking up the hill, and still be comfortable at the end of the day when it’s much colder and you are walking home.
  4. Check the weather every day when you get dressed.
  5. Invest in a few pairs of quality socks like Smartwool.
  6. Wear leggings under your pants when it gets cold.
  7. Get boots that are waterproof, insulated and have good treads.
  8. Are your feet cold in your bed or when you are sitting at your desk? Hot water bottles are amazing.
  9. If you have storm windows (an additional layer of glass that opens and closes on the outside of your window), make sure they are closed.
  10. Make sure your windows are completely closed and locked if possible.

Bonus: Seal gaps in windows with rope caulk. It is easy to remove in the spring, and it can make a big difference.