Good to Know: State St Apt 3 Useful Info for Tenants

The apt 3 door is at the end of the shared hallway behind the right side front door of the house on the front porch.

Trash and Recycling Info

  • Under the front porch, there is a trash can and lid labeled “Apt 3” and a green recycling bin for Apt 3 as well
  • Please keep the recycling bins and trash cans out of the way of the path to the laundry room and to apt B

State St Apt 3 Perks

Watch this VIDEO: State St Apt 3 Tips

  • The beds are size full (aka double). Keep the mattress covers on each mattress and box spring.
  • If shared wifi is not working, reset the router in front hall under mailboxes. Unplug it, wait a minute, and plug it back in. If that does not work, call Spectrum at 855-707-7328, choose internet support, and talk to a representative to troubleshoot the connection. Alicia Freedman is name on account. The service is listed as 424 apt 2 E State St Ithaca NY
  • If stove does not light and light over kitchen sink does not work, push the small reset button the GFI outlet all the way on the left where the kitchen counter meets the wall
  • Please do not set wet umbrellas and shoes on the wood floor in the entrance. It is better to set wet things on the metal air return grate or a heavy duty floor mat.
  • Keep the big metal air return (that feeds air to the house furnace) in the front hall uncovered.
  • Use the wooden trivets (small plate) underneath anything hot that you set on the kitchen counter and kitchen table. Hot things will damage the kitchen counter and kitchen table.
  • Very wet things will damage the wood furniture in the apt. Please use a barrier (coasters, trivets, etc) when setting wet things on the wood furniture.
  • Put the shower curtain IN the tub (not hanging on the outside of the tub) when showering. The shower curtain is meant to keep water inside the tub.
  • If a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is chirping (beeping about once a minute) put in new batteries.
  • Some of the outlets in the house cannot handle having two things plugged in at once. If you find an outlet like this, please label it with a piece of masking tape. If you blow a fuse, please let us know. We can show you how to fix it as well. The fuse box is in the laundry room, and blown fuses are neon orange. You just flip the switch off and on again. The orange color will turn back to clear. Only flip the switch of the fuse you have blown.
  • Parking spaces in the lot behind the house and beside the house are all rented, so people who have not rented a space and also visitors must park elsewhere.


State Apt 3 Floor Plan