Seneca St: Good to Know


Laundry room code is 3388. Please do not leave empty laundry bottle containers, etc in the laundry room. Whatever you bring in, you take out.

Sometimes the front door of the house gets a little stuck and feels like it is locked. Give it a good gentle push and move the handle around and it will open.


  • Landlord pays gas
  • Electric is paid by tenants
  • Before your lease begins, you can set up your electric and gas service to start on your lease start date.  Follow the steps on how to set up your electric and gas here.
  • NYSEG Meter Numbers:
    Apt 1 – 35 930 920
    Apt 2 – 35 930 921
    Apt 3 – 35 930 922
    Apt 4 – 35 930 923
    Apt 5 – 35 930 932
    Apt 6 – 35 930 933
    Apt 7 – 35 930 934


The 2 parking spaces behind the house are rented, so please have all visitors park on the street.


Each apartment has a numbered trash can with a lid and a recycling bin. Please put all of your trash and recycling in the containers with your apt number on them. One yellow trash tag should be attached to your full trash can when you put it out. You can buy more trashtags at the Cornell Store, Wegmans, The Commons Market on Aurora St, etc.

This recycling info video is helpful.

Please put Monday night trash pickup as a recurring event on your calendar and make sure you bring your trash can and lid and recycling container back behind the house on Tuesday mornings. It is dangerous to leave them out past Tuesday because they can roll into the street.

Recycling pickup is every other week. You can always take recycling to the dump for free.
Thermostats for the whole house are in the shared hall on the 2nd floor and in apt 7. It is important that you leave your windows closed for the duration of the heating season. If you open your window, the hot air escapes, the furnace works harder, and someone else in the house gets too hot in their apt. Please keep your windows closed October – May.
How to Increase and Decrease Heat to Radiators? Please watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.


Your mailbox is in the front shared hall of the house. Enter the front door of the house and you will see it there. If your mailbox is locked, you should have a smaller key for it. If a previous tenants’ mail is in the mailbox and it looks important (a package, letter from the government, etc), please email a photo of the mail to management so we can notify the previous tenant. You can always write “Return to sender” on mail and leave it for the mail carrier to take back.


If multiple lights and/or outlets go out in your apt all at once, you probably had too many things using electric at the same time. It could be a toaster, hair dryer, coffee maker, microwave, space heater, or AC are plugged into the same circuit and some were being used and then the fridge motor kicked on. Notice what appliances were being used when the electric went off, and try to avoid having those all of those appliances on at the same time again.

  1. Look for the GFI (aka GFCI) outlets in your kitchen and bathroom. Press the GFI reset button on the outlets just in case whatever lost power (could be a ceiling light or something plugged into an outlet) is on that circuit and the GFI tripped. GFI outlet reset buttons can be hard to press with just fingers. If the reset button is popped out, try unplugging the item that is plugged into the outlet and use the metal plug to press the reset button in.
    2. If there is no GFI outlet involved, look in your apartment for a fuse box first (ex: Apt 1 in kitchen behind fridge, Apt 3 is in the bedroom, Apt 6 in kitchen, and Apt 7 in dining nook). If you don’t see the metal gray box cover on any walls in your apt, go to the laundry room. Open the fuse box for your apartment and reset your breaker with an orange band. Just flip that one circuit to one side, and then back to it’s original position. That’s it. Please watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.


A light bulb is out? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully.

Toilet clogged? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please submit a repair request.

Visit our Resources for Renters page for more.


Need something fixed in a few days? Please follow the steps on How to make a repair request

Note: Tenants are responsible for putting new batteries in chirping smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Tenants are responsible for replacing non-working lightbulbs.

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping or Beeping? Here’s What to do


For a real emergency: 911

Ithaca Police Dept: (607) 272-9973

If you need something related to the house urgently call this number and include your name, address and apt #, and concern:

  • ‪Carla at 607-261-1949‬