Schuyler Place: Good to Know


Ithaca is a great place to walk and get exercise if you get good boots and socks for the winter, check the weather when you get dressed, carry an umbrella and water bottle and dress in layers.

TCAT Bus: You are close to the bus stops Seneca @ Commons and State @ Stewart. The Route 30 and Route 10 will take you to Cornell as well as many other buses. Check out these schedules for routes and these popular destinations like Wegmans, Tops, and Walmart (all route 15) and the mall area for Target, Best Buy, etc (Routes: 13307077).


The beds are size “full” (aka “double”). You will want to bring sheets and blankets and pillows for when you arrive or have them delivered right before you arrive. The mail carrier leaves packages on the small front porch. There is not a more sheltered place for the mail carrier to leave packages, so you want to be there within a day of packages arriving.


The gas and electric meters are in the basement of the house. To start service, you’ll need to get a meter read. The basement entrance in the back yard can be opened with this lock combination: 12-25-9. When you contact NYSEG to set up your account you can give them that combination so they can do a meter read. You can also read the meter yourself. 112 Schuyler has its own gas and electric meters, and so does 114. You can turn service on by calling NYSEG or going through the process on their website. Read more info on how to set up your electric and gas here.


The parking space at 112 Schuyler is now rented to a paying parking space renter so please keep it clear at all times.

Read the parking signs on Schuyler Place in front of the house. People can park without a permit from 6pm-1pm, but they need a permit to park there each day from 1pm-6pm. The permit can be obtained from the City Chamberlin’s Office with a current signed lease. It’s around $35 for the year.



The closest place to get trash tags is the Commons Market. There are many other places you can buy them (Wegmans, Greenstar, etc) as well. You can put the trash tag on the trash can lid if the contents are under 35 lbs.

Trash pickup is every Monday night / before dawn Tuesday mornings. Recycling is every other Monday night starting Jan 29 2018. Set up a bi-weekly reminder in your calendar so you remember.

On Monday nights you bring the trash in the big outdoor trash cans to the end of the driveway near the street but still on the sidewalk. You will see your neighbors put their trash out too. The trash tags should be placed on the trash can and the garbage men will tear them. You can put multiple trash bags in one can. There is just a weight limit printed on the trash tags.

The green recycling bins and cans with a big “R” sticker on them are for recycling.

There are trash and recycling cans assigned to each apt.


Recycling guidelines

Can recycle curbside: Clean plastic containers 1-7, paper, boxboard, flattened cardboard, aluminum and glass containers

CANNOT recycle curbside: Styrofoam, plastic bags and films, dirty containers, compostable containers, electronics, wood, other metals

The dump is amazing. It’s past Wegmans on Rt. 13. Turn right at the big “Harbor Freight” sign on Rt. 13. You can recycle plastic bags, rigid plastic, and electronics at the dump but not curbside. It is free to take all of your recycling there. They’re open Mon-Sat 7am – 3:30pm unless it’s a holiday.

Recycling can go in the recycling cans by the house. Help each other and put it all out to be picked up and bring all the bins in Tuesday morning after pickup.


The laundry machines are shared by the whole house. Do laundry when you are home for the whole wash and dry time so that you can keep the machines as available as possible for your housemates. It is good to keep a laundry basket in the laundry room when you do your laundry so your housemates can put your dry laundry in the basket if you are gone or forget and they need the machines.

The laundry machines take quarters. You can take $10 to a bank and ask them for a roll of quarters. You may be able to get quarters at the service desk of a grocery store as well.



  • Each apartment has their own thermostat.
  • Keep the big metal air returns (that feed air to the house furnace) uncovered
  • Keep all heat vents uncovered from September – June


If multiple lights and/or outlets go out in your apt all at once, you probably had too many things using electric at the same time. It could be a toaster, hair dryer, coffee maker, microwave, space heater, or AC are plugged into the same circuit and some were being used and then the fridge motor kicked on. Notice what appliances were being used when the electric went off, and try to avoid having those all of those appliances on at the same time again.

  1. Look for the GFI (aka GFCI) outlets in your kitchen and bathroom. Press the GFI reset button on the outlets just in case whatever lost power (could be a ceiling light or something plugged into an outlet) is on that circuit and the GFI tripped. GFI outlet reset buttons can be hard to press with just fingers. If the reset button is popped out, try unplugging the item that is plugged into the outlet and use the metal plug to press the reset button in.
  2. If there is no GFI outlet involved, go to the basement (door combo 12-25-9) and reset your breaker with an orange band. Just flip that one circuit to one side, and then back to it’s original position. That’s it. Please watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.


  • Please do not set wet umbrellas, towels, shoes, etc on the wood floor. Put them on a mat or rack instead.
  • Use the wooden trivets (small plate) underneath anything hot that you set on the kitchen counter and kitchen table. Hot things will damage the kitchen counter and kitchen table.
  • Wet things will damage the wood furniture in the apt. Please use a barrier (coasters, trivets, etc) when setting wet things on the wood furniture.
  • The shower curtain goes inside the tub. If the bathroom floor is wet, make sure the shower curtain is not hanging outside of the tub.


A light bulb is out? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully.

Toilet clogged? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please submit a repair request.

Visit our Resources for Renters page for more.


Need something fixed in a few days? Please follow the steps on How to make a repair request

Note: Tenants are responsible for putting new batteries in chirping smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Tenants are responsible for replacing non-working lightbulbs.

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping or Beeping? Here’s What to do


For a real emergency: 911

Ithaca Police Dept: (607) 272-9973

If you need something related to the house urgently call this number and include your name, address and apt #, and concern:

  • ‪Carla at 607-261-1949‬