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In 2011, my wife Alicia went on an epic 4-month honeymoon. We stopped in Shanghai to visit an old friend, and he handed me the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. That precious gift set me on the path to real estate investing and my ultimate goal of time freedom.

Jonah and Alicia in front of houseWhen we returned to the US, we bought our first rental property and lived in the studio apartment in the basement. We were both graduate students. I connected with investors and our real estate business grew.

I help sellers let go of properties that are no longer serving them, and help buyers find their own True Renew Homes. In addition, I respect and care about everyone that rents from us. I am grateful to have a business that I love. I hope to have the opportunity to create mutual-gains property solutions with you as well. Give me a call! 607-354-1101

– Jonah Freedman, CEO and Founder of True Renew Homes

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