Are Some of the People in your Apartment Moving out and Some Staying?

Are some of the people in your apartment moving out and some staying? Here are our guidelines for cleaning occupied apartments

When all renters are moving out of an apartment, True Renew does a deep clean of the entire apartment. That is straightforward because there are no personal items in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or other shared spaces.

When 1 or more renters are renewing and 1 more renters are moving in, it is strongly recommended that renters clean their apartment themselves and/or hire a cleaning company directly.

This way you can leave your personal items in shared spaces and decide exactly how you would like the apartment cleaned. And if you hire a cleaning crew, you will be able to schedule a time that works best for you directly with them. And if you clean yourselves, you will save money because you won’t need to pay cleaners!

If one of your housemates is willing to clean on their own, you can all agree to an hourly rate and pay them to clean for all of you. Hint: $20/hr is great pay for cleaning your own house and it will probably be pretty hard to find cleaners who will do it that cheap! 

These cleaning checklists may be helpful. You can modify them, delegate who does what, and/or modify and give it to the cleaners:
If you would not like to save money and clean yourselves and/or hire a cleaning crew directly, here are the steps you need to take:
  1. Let True Renew know at least 1 month before you would like True Renew to schedule cleaners for your apartment. We need at least a range of 6 days that could work for you. Our busiest time all year is July 26 – July 31, so if it is ok for a cleaning crew to come before or after those dates, we are more available to help. We are often turning over 12+ apartments that week. The cleaning charges are higher if cleaning needs to be done on Saturday or Sunday or after 5pm weekdays.
  2. All current renters in the apartment will have equal amounts deducted from their security deposits for the cost of professional cleaners cleaning between leases. If this does not work for you, all renters in the apt can sign an alternative written agreement regarding turnover costs and share that with the landlord before the end of their current lease.
  3. All current renters in the apt will make an agreement about how they will deal with any accumulated trash and recycling. That may involve taking recycling directly to the dump, or outgoing renters helping to make it easier to put trash out on the collection day if they will already be gone. New incoming renters and renewing renters deserve a fresh start.
  4. Renters who are not renewing will remove ALL of their personal belongings from their bedroom, basement, kitchen, bathrooms, closets, living rooms, porches and any other common areas. If there are food items, kitchen items or toiletries they will not take with them when they move out, they will either dispose of them, donate them or give the items to people who want them before the scheduled cleaning day. Please do not leave any belongings or food behind if your housemates do not want to claim them.
    5. Renters who are renewing their leases will keep ALL of their personal belongings inside of their bedrooms on the scheduled cleaning day. The cleaners will not enter bedrooms that have personal items in them. Any food that renewing renters want to keep needs to be bagged and labeled with their name so that cleaners can easily remove it while cleaning cupboards, the fridge and freezer. All food and toiletries that are not bagged and labeled will be thrown away and the renters will be charged $60/bag for trash removal OR the cleaners will not clean the areas where these items are. Any cleaning supplies, tools, and shared kitchen items will be left for the house.