Parking in the City of Ithaca

Our houses in the city of Ithaca are so centrally located that cars may not be needed. The TCAT bus routes 30 and 32 go to Cornell, the Pyramid and Triphammer malls, and the airport. The 10 goes to Cornell every 10 minutes during peak hours. The 15 goes out to Wegmans and Tops. It takes 15-25 minutes to walk to central campus, and 3-7 minutes to walk to the Commons, where there are many restaurants, etc. Ithaca Carshare is also an option.

We have been told that cars parked on the street even without meters must be moved every 24 hours. Some places are checked often and some are not.

“Odd-even parking” is from Nov 1 – April 1. From 2-6am on odd calendar days you cannot park on the odd house number side of the street. The same is true for even days (ex: Nov 2 before midnight, park on the 422 side of the street. When they plow at 2am on Nov 3, you should not get a ticket).

Please explore what other options are available. These are all we know of at this time.