What to do if your package is missing

Here are some things you can do if your package is missing

  1. Track the package. If it was definitely already delivered to your house (rather than just being delayed) and you cannot find it…
  2. Politely ask your neighbors if they saw the package. Someone in your house might have accidentally brought it inside their apt and did not bring it back out yet. 
  3. If no one in your house has seen the package, you can write something like this and leave it on the porches of the surrounding houses: “Hello neighbor! A package was tracked as delivered to my house ___(your address)___ on __(date)__ but I never received it. If it was accidentally delivered to your house, please set it on my front porch or text me at ___(your phone number). Thank you!” 
  4. Report the package as stolen to the city of Ithaca police department. Phone: 607-272-9973. Non-Emergency Ph: 607-272-3245
  5. If there is a neighborhood list serve (ex: Fall Creek Neighbors google group in Fall Creek), you can join that and post the details of your stolen package in case it was accidentally delivered on a nearby street, etc. You can also find your neighborhood on something like Nextdoor.com and let your participating neighbors know about the package through that site and find out more about your neighborhood too.
  6. Contact the seller to let them know your package was not received and see if they can refund you or replace the item. 
  7. File a claim with the shipping company
  8. If you paid for the item with your credit card and your credit card offers purchase protection, file a claim with your credit card. 
  9. If it was $500+, file a claim with your homeowners insurance. 


If you are ordering a valuable package: 

  • Schedule for in-person delivery
  • Insure the package