How to Set up Electric and Gas with NYSEG

Before your lease begins, you can set up your electric and/or gas service to start on your lease start date. 

  1. Figure out your meter number(s). You have 3 options:
    1. Look on the “good to know” page we emailed you with info about your house, and your meter number might be listed there.
    2. If there are no meter numbers listed on the house “good to know” page and you are not in Ithaca yet, you can try to register with the house address and apt number in place of the meter number.
    3. If you are in Ithaca, you can find the meter and read the number (see image below).
  2. If you do not already have a NYSEG account, call NYSEG at 1-800-572-1111. When we checked in July 2022, NYSEG no longer allowed new customers to register online. They required the new customer to call NYSEG in order to register. But it could have changed since then! 
  3. If you already have a NYSEG account, go to , choose “My Account”, and see if you can “Turn service on” and answer the questions for your new meter(s).

This might work in place of a phone call, but a phone call might be easier: Fill out the Request for Service pdf and email it to

You have 2 options for reading the meter amount before you start paying the bill:

  1. Ask NYSEG to come read the meters
  2. OR you can do a meter read on your own and send it to NYSEG. 

NYSEG will schedule a time for them to come read your meter after you request to turn on the service OR you can do your own meter reading to get your account started faster. You can find the electric and/or gas meters by walking around the house and going in the basement. 

They usually look like this:

Take photos of the meters where the meter number and measurement gauges are visible so that you can do a meter reading or just follow the steps here: 

More info on setting up your NYSEG service:

  1. NYSEG has already read the meters at your house, so they know where they are. If the meters are indoors (ex: basement), they know how to get in. 
  2. E-billing service means that your bills will be emailed to you rather than mailed to you as a hard copy. Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment means you can enter your bank account info and NYSEG will automatically withdraw your bill payment each month. Both of these options may make it easier for you to pay your NYSEG bill on time.  
  3. If you do not know the name of the previous tenant and the NYSEG form asks you for this, simply leave it blank or write “I don’t know” 
  4. If the NYSEG form asks you for the landlord’s contact info, enter “True Renew Homes, PO Box 524, Ithaca NY 14851”  
  5. If the NYSEG form asks for Third Party Notification Service, enter “True Renew Homes, PO Box 524, Ithaca NY 14851”  
  6. Email to let us know you have successfully set up your NYSEG account.