How to Access Your Tenant Portal in Rentec

We hope using your Tenant Portal in Rentec makes it easy to pay rent online and making repair requests!

You will receive an email from which will give you instructions for logging into your Tenant Portal.

You can also access your tenant portal with your login credentials by visiting

How to Pay Rent Online:

1. Log into your Tenant Portal
2. Click the Payments tab
3. Click “Enter Account Information”
4. You will be prompted to enter your bank routing number and account number. Once your bank information is saved, you can make a one-time payment or schedule recurring monthly rent payments.

You also have the option to pay by credit card for an addition fee of 3% per transaction. You will save money if you pay rent with your bank account and not your credit card. We just wanted to have this option available in case you need it.

The words “Account Overdue” may appear in your Rentec account and they may be emailed to you before your rent is actually due. We’re sorry about this! It is a glitch we are working on fixing.

If you cannot see the full amount owed on your first screen after you log into Rentec, then click the statements tab, and choose “This Year” from the drop down menu.

Want the app so it’s easy to pay rent on your phone? Search your app store for “Resident Connect by Rentec Direct” and download the app so you can access your Tenant Portal easily on your phone.