Good to Know: Giles Apts 1 & 2


The wifi network is: Ambit-Guest (router in apt 1 office) and the password is: urbancabin**1

The network Ambit-Guest EXT (extender in laundry room) also uses the password: urbancabin**1

If the internet is not working, someone in apt 1 can unplug the modem and router in the office behind the desk, wait a minute, and plug them in again. If the people in apt 1 are not home, either they can give permission for the people in apt 2 to enter apt 1 to reset the internet or ask the property manager to enter. The Urban Cabin guests as well as occupants of apt 1 and 2 all use that wifi, so it is urgent to have it working constantly. If reseting the modem and router does not solve the problem, call Spectrum to have a technician try to fix it: Call 855-707-7328, choose internet support, Alicia Freedman is name on account. Address: 207 Giles St. Account # 760994408.


There’s a 24 hour parking rule on the street right in front of the house, so just make sure to move your car every 24 hours.


The closest place to get trash tags is the Commons Market. There are many other places you can buy them (Wegmans, Greenstar, etc) as well. You can put the trash tag on the trash can lid if the contents are under 35 lbs.

Trash pickup is every Tuesday night / before dawn Wednesday mornings. Recycling is every other Tuesday night starting Feb 6 2024. Set up a bi-weekly reminder in your calendar so you remember.

There is a trash can assigned to each apt.


Recycling Guidelines

Can recycle curbside: Clean plastic containers 1-7, paper, boxboard, flattened cardboard, aluminum and glass containers

CANNOT recycle curbside: Styrofoam, plastic bags and films, dirty containers, compostable containers, electronics, wood, other metals

The dump is amazing. It’s past Wegmans on Rt. 13. Turn right at the big “Harbor Freight” sign on Rt. 13. You can recycle plastic bags, rigid plastic, and electronics at the dump but not curbside. It is free to take all of your recycling there. They’re open Mon-Sat 7am – 3:30pm unless it’s a holiday.

Recycling can go on the front porch. Help each other and put it all out to be picked up and bring all the bins in Wednesday morning after pickup.


If multiple lights and/or outlets go out in your apt all at once, you probably had too many things using electric at the same time. There are a couple ways you might be able to get it back on quickly:

Please watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.

  1. If the outlet involved in the outage is a GFI and the reset button, press the GFI reset button on the outlet.
  2. Reset the circuit in the basement.


The Earth Machine in the backyard is designed for composting in a city. Only put food scraps from plants in the compost. Do not put anything that is meat, dairy, seafood or eggs in the compost(rinsed eggshells are the only exception). Animal foods attract rats and raccoons. After adding food scraps to the center of the Earth Machine, cover them with leaves and put the lid on so that a raccoon cannot remove it. In the fall, collect a trash can of leaves to leave by the Earth Machine and use all winter. Compostable containers (cups, clam shell containers, etc) will not break down in our little Earth Machine. Please take them to the industrial compost at the dump.

The black plastic Earth Machine is to the left when you go all the way down the staircase in the backyard. Cornell Cooperative Extension has great resources on composting if you want to learn more.


There is a combination lock on the exterior door to the laundry room. Please ask for the updated combination.

Because we want our guests in the Urban Cabin to be happy, we do laundry between 10am and 10pm. If you have to do laundry from 10pm – 10am visit a laundry mat.


The thermostat for the house is in Apt 1. When it is consistently below 60 degrees, keep the windows closed and the heat at 72 degrees.

GAS for APT 2

NYSEG calls the gas meter for apt 2 hot water and cooking gas “Apartment”. The gas meter they call “House” is for the rest of the house.


A light bulb is out? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully.

Toilet clogged? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please submit a repair request.

Visit our Resources for Renters page for more.


Need something fixed in a few days? Please follow the steps on How to make a repair request

Note: Tenants are responsible for putting new batteries in chirping smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Tenants are responsible for replacing non-working lightbulbs.

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping or Beeping? Here’s What to do


For a real emergency: 911

Ithaca Police Dept: (607) 272-9973

If you need something related to the house urgently call this number and include your name, address and apt #, and concern:

  • ‪Carla at 607-261-1949‬


Please make sure you don’t put oil or coffee grounds down the sink drain in the apartment. That could damage the pump and plumbing.