Get mail that is not yours? Here’s what to do

  1. Please recycle junk mail sent to your address with other peoples’ names on them
  2. If you receive a piece of mail for a previous renter that looks important: Using a black permanent marker, leave the mail recipient’s name but cross off the recipient address.
  3. Write “MOVED” on the envelope
  4. If you have the forwarding address for the previous renter, you can write “FORWARD” and write their current address so the mail might reach them more directly. 
  5. Put the mail back in your mailbox in a way that the mail carrier will notice it. If they do not take it, make it more visible or take it to the post office. 
  6. If it is a package, email a photo of the package to with the recipient name visible and we will contact the previous renter. 


**Remember to add your name to the mailbox when you move in and change your address when you move out! 


For Urgent Requests call  us at  607-261-1949 and include your name and address