Having Trouble Getting Your Gas Stove Burners to Light?

These are some possible causes and solutions:

  1. Water overflowed on the stove top and put out the pilot light under the stove top.  Solution: Very carefully light the pilot light with a long match or long lighter.

This is a helpful page on how to light your oven and stove pilot light

2. There is food stuck in the burner cap that is keeping the igniter from lighting.

Solution: Make sure the burner cap is not hot. Clean the burner cap with an old toothbrush or poke the food that is stuck in there out with a paperclip. Usually you can remove the burner cap and soak it in the sink or a bowl of water and/or vinegar so it’s easier to clean. When the burner cap is dry, place it back on the stove as designed. 

3. The burner cap is not aligned properly. Solution: Make sure the burner cap is not hot. Turn the burner cap until it rests where it was designed to and the igniter can light.

4. The igniter is bad and needs to be replaced. Solution: Put in a service request to have the stove serviced by a professional

If you smell of gas, text and/or call management immediately. The NYSEG gas emergency line is 1-800-572-1121. They will come quick, check for leaks and most likely shut the gas off to the whole house until we can find / fix the leak.