Dryden: Good to Know


Before your lease begins, you can set up your electric and/or gas service to start on your lease start date.  Follow the steps on how to set up your electric and gas here.


Trash gets picked up early Thursday morning in the village of Dryden, so you can put it out on Wednesday night. Read more info on trash and recycling pickup here. 


If you trip a circuit, bring a flashlight and go to the exterior basement door on the side of the house closer to the auction building. The door combo is 02-20-30. The fuse boxes are down the stairs and to the left. Find the fuse box for your apt and look for the band of orange on the circuit that has been tripped. As with most fuse boxes, flip the breaker to one side once, and then back to its original position. If this did not solve the problem, keep looking for another band of orange. And noticed what you had using electricity at the same time. Maybe a hair dryer and the clothes dryer at the same time? Or a toaster and a microwave? When you figure out what might have tripped the circuit, please avoid doing that again.


There is an alarm in the basement that will go off if the basement floods. This could destroy the furnaces. If you hear it, please let Mike and the property manager know immediately.

There is also a sub pump in the basement. If it is raining a lot and you don’t hear the sub pump turning on and off in the basement a few times a day, please let the property manager know.