Coddington: Good to know


Trash day depends on when tenants set it up here. Recycling is every other Monday.

Tenants costs tend to be about $23/month per apt. Recycling is  free.

Alternative Waste Services can be hired for trash removal as well as other local companies.


The parking spaces are right off of the road and then there is a walking path to the house. During move in, a car could be driven carefully on the yard up closer to the house. There is no driveway to shovel.


One of the 2 light switches by your kitchen door controls the outdoor light on the side of the house. There is also a switch to this light in the other apartment in the house and near the first corner of the house that you reach when walking from the parking lot.


Call NYSEG to set up the electric account for the upstairs apartment at 1049 Coddington Rd Ithaca. 1-800-572-1111. You might be able to set up your account online. Tell them you want it to start it August 1st and they’ll do a meter reading.
Call  Erhart 607-203-2494 to set up your account before the start of the lease for the upstairs (2nd floor) apt. There is already a propane tank there. They will need to do a meter reading as well.
If you want to use Spectrum for internet, call them and schedule a time for them to go out there when you are home.  1-855-243-8892. There is currently cable in the apartment. You might be able to coordinate this online as well. 


A light bulb is out? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully.

Toilet clogged? Please watch this video and follow the instructions carefully. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please submit a repair request.

Visit our Resources for Renters page for more.


Need something fixed in a few days? Please follow the steps on How to make a repair request

Note: Tenants are responsible for putting new batteries in chirping smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Tenants are responsible for replacing non-working lightbulbs.

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping or Beeping? Here’s What to do


For a real emergency: 911

Ithaca Police Dept: (607) 272-9973

If you need something related to the house urgently call this number and include your name, address and apt #, and concern:

  • ‪Carla at 607-261-1949‬