Best Places to Live in Ithaca

Where should I live in Ithaca?

Good question!

Where do students live in Ithaca?

Cornell undergrad students tend to cluster in Collegetown and North Campus. Cornell graduate students often live in lower Collegetown, Fall Creek and Downtown. Ithaca College students gravitate toward South Hill.

Where do families live in Ithaca?

Professionals and families enjoy living all over town. Hasbrouck Apartments on the Cornell campus probably has the largest percentage of families with young children. Many families enjoy living on the South Side, in Fall Creek, Belle Sherman, and even just outside of Ithaca.

Map of Ithaca Neighborhoods

It can be overwhelming, so hopefully this map can help you figure out where to live in Ithaca.

Current Housing Trends in Ithaca

Best Places Where Grad Graduate Students Cornell Live Ithaca

Fall Creek, Downtown, North Campus and Cayuga Heights, Lower Collegetown and Collegetown, South Hill and the South Side are all great neighborhoods with a mix of locals along with students and families from all over the world. They are all a little different.

True Renew Homes has many apartments for students and families and locals and professionals in Fall Creek, South Hill, Lower Collegetown, and outside of town.