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What to do if your package is missing

Here are some things you can do if your package is missing

  1. Track the package. If it was definitely already delivered to your house (rather than just being delayed) and you cannot find it…
  2. Politely ask your neighbors if they saw the package. Someone in your house might have accidentally brought it inside their apt and did not bring it back out yet. 
  3. If no one in your house has seen the package, you can write something like this and leave it on the porches of the surrounding houses: “Hello neighbor! A package was tracked as delivered to my house ___(your address)___ on __(date)__ but I never received it. If it was accidentally delivered to your house, please set it on my front porch or text me at ___(your phone number). Thank you!” 
  4. Report the package as stolen to the city of Ithaca police department. Phone: 607-272-9973. Non-Emergency Ph: 607-272-3245
  5. If there is a neighborhood list serve (ex: Fall Creek Neighbors google group in Fall Creek), you can join that and post the details of your stolen package in case it was accidentally delivered on a nearby street, etc. You can also find your neighborhood on something like and let your participating neighbors know about the package through that site and find out more about your neighborhood too.
  6. Contact the seller to let them know your package was not received and see if they can refund you or replace the item. 
  7. File a claim with the shipping company
  8. If you paid for the item with your credit card and your credit card offers purchase protection, file a claim with your credit card. 
  9. If it was $500+, file a claim with your homeowners insurance. 


If you are ordering a valuable package: 

  • Schedule for in-person delivery
  • Insure the package

FAQs about our True Renew Lease

  • What is the application process?
  1. Fill out the True Renew Tenant quick application: 
  2. Email to introduce yourself and ask any questions you have after looking over the apartment info.
  3. If you would like to move forward after seeing the video tour included in the apt info, you will not need to schedule an in-person tour. 
  4. Alicia likes to meet potential renters, so you might be asked to give her a call for a quick conversation if the apartment is a good fit for you. 
  5. Email us your current (or previous if you are not renting now) landlord name, phone number, email address, and your address when they were your landlord. After we hear back from them, your application can be approved and you can sign the lease online! 
  • How long is the lease term?

Our leases are 12 month fixed-term leases (minus 6 days for maintenance at the end of the lease). The lease start dates are posted on each apartment info page. 

Fall semester only leases (August – December) often result in the property owner losing $1000+ when compared to a continuous 12 month lease, so that is not something we do regularly. 

The 6 days for maintenance at the end of our leases gives the space needed for us to clean, repair and prepare the apartment for incoming renters. If a renter renews after the first year, there will be no gap between leases and the following lease(s) will be a full 12 months.

  • What deposits do you need?

The security deposit and first month’s rent are due upon lease signing, The security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent, and it is refundable. 

  • What is my security deposit for? 

The security deposit is set aside by us to inspire our renters to take good care of their apartment. If the house or furniture is damaged by a renter or requires additional cleaning or supplies (light bulbs that were left not working, etc) after they move out, part of the security deposit covers this and the rest is refunded along with an explanation of any charges. 

  • How do I get my security deposit back?

To receive your full security deposit back at the end of the lease, all of these need to be true: 

  1. Your apartment is in the same condition as it was when you moved in (just as clean, functioning and free of personal items) 
  2. You did not damage the property
  3. You did not damage or lose any items that came with the apartment
  4. All rent and other charges have been paid

Pre-existing damages will not be taken from your security deposit. Be sure to take inventory of any wear-and-tear you see when you move in, preferably via photo and/or video. If something needs to be repaired, please let us know! 

  • What payment methods will you accept?

We have an online portal where our renters can pay online using bank accounts or credit cards. Credit card payments have an additional fee of 3% per transaction, so it is less expensive for you to pay with your bank account.

  • If the lease doesn’t start on the first of the month, is the rent pro-rated?

Our leases generally end 12 months (minus 6 days for maintenance) after they start. So if the lease starts later than the 1st of the month and ends 12 months (minus 6 days) later, then the first month’s rent is not prorated because at the end of the lease the number of days lost in the first month will be recovered in the last month (except the 6 days for maintenance). 

  • What happens when I don’t pay rent on time?

Late rent payments rarely happen because most or our renters set up automatic monthly rent payments. We also have reasonably priced apartments that our renters can afford. For the rare times that rent is paid late, there is a 5% charge on the amount owed with a maximum late fee of $50.

  • I want to sublet my place, is this allowed?

Yes. The renter and subletter just need to go through our subletting process:    

  • Do you allow for early termination of the lease?

In most cases if renters need to move out early they find a subletter to cover the remainder of their lease. If they do not find a subletter, the renter is still responsible for covering rent all the way to the end of the lease. 

  • How will I go about renewing my lease? 

  • Will you need renters insurance?

True Renew highly recommends that all residents carry renters insurance, but we do not require renters to send us proof of insurance.

  • Do you allow pets, and if so, what is the pet policy?

If the apartment info says that pets are allowed, then one approved cat or a dog of a gentle breed with reference(s) is allowed in the apartment. If it is a pet-free apartment, pets are not allowed and having a pet in the apartment is a violation of the lease. 

There is a $35/month pet fee. If your pet is aggressive when strangers enter your apartment, that is a safety issue for contractors entering your apartment to make requested repairs, etc. And our insurance company has restrictions on the breeds of dogs it will cover if there is an incident. Please send us a photo and short description of your pet (including the breed(s) if it is a dog), and a past landlord reference who can speak to the dog’s behavior. 

  •  Am I allowed to smoke inside the apartment /building?

No smoking is allowed inside the building or immediately outside of the building. Smoking is permitted at least 10 feet from the buildings to keep neighbors happy and keep the house safe. Any smoking material including cigarette butts must be disposed of safely and not left behind. Each incidence of smoking in the building carries a $100 fine in addition to charges for any remediation work needed to get rid of the smell or other related damages. Open flames such as lit candles are also not allowed in the house. 

  • What repairs is the landlord responsible for, and what repairs am I responsible for?

During the lease, renters are responsible for replacing standard light bulbs as well as batteries in smoke and CO detectors if they start chirping. This includes all light fixtures and detectors that can be opened and reached without a ladder. At the start of a lease, if any lights and/or detectors are not working when renters move in, they can let us know and we will replace them. We try our best to have them all working at the start of the lease. 

If a renter causes damage, they submit a repair request and let us know. If a renter damages part of an appliance that came with the apartment (ex: fridge drawer or stove knob) and they order and install a suitable quality replacement part themselves, that is fine. In some cases, the renters may be charged for the repair cost of damage they caused. True Renew takes care of and pays for most other repairs. 

  • When is a landlord allowed to enter my home?

For non-urgent repairs, True Renew gives renters at least 24 hours notice before entering their apartment. In some cases if contractors are available to address non-urgent repairs faster than 24 hours, we may text renters and ask if entering their apartment is ok. For urgent repairs that require entering apartments, True Renew notifies renters via text as quickly as they can before entering whenever possible. We respect your space! 

  • What’s the guest policy? OR Someone has been staying at my place for a long period of time. How does this work?

1-2 friends or family may stay at your apartment for up to 7 days as long as their presence does not interfere with any other roommates’ or neighbors’ comfort and enjoyment of the premises and complies with all laws and your lease. That means if you live in an apartment with other renters, they need to approve of your guest staying with you before the guest arrives. If they do not approve, the guest must stay somewhere else. PET SITTING IS NOT ALLOWED. So if your guest has a pet with them, the pet must stay somewhere else. And if the guest is disturbing others, you are responsible and they need to either stop disturbing others or leave the house immediately. If you would like a guest to stay for more than 7 days, you need to request permission from your roommates AND True Renew and possibly pay additional fees for their water use, etc.

  • How much notice do I give before vacating?

You are responsible for paying rent through the end of your lease. If you end up leaving the apartment before your lease ends and a friend or subletter wants to move into your apartment, they need to be approved by True Renew before they move in. If your apartment will be vacant for more than 5 days at any time, it is best to notify True Renew so we can keep an eye on it for you and also possibly even do repairs or improvements that will make the apartment nicer for you while you are away. 

Odd/Even Parking Rules in Ithaca

The Odd/Even Parking rules in Ithaca are in effect from Nov 1 – April 1 each year. Streets are plowed in the late night / early morning so the streets are clear for daytime traffic. The goal is to have one side of the street empty (with no cars parked on that side) at night so it can be plowed, and then the other side of the street will be free of cars the next night so that side can be plowed as well. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about odd/even parking in Ithaca: 

What time of day does odd/even parking get enforced?

Odd/Even parking is enforced from 7pm – 6am

Does odd/even parking get enforced even when it does not snow? 

In Ithaca, odd/even parking is only enforced when the city needs to plow snow. 

Is there a way I can get notified of when odd/even parking is enforced? 

Yes. Sign up to receive Swift911 text updates about odd/even parking and other kinds of updates you are interested in here:

Which side do I park on at night when it is snowing or going to snow? 

Park on the even side of the street on the even day and the odd side of the street on odd days. If you park sometime midnight-6am, use the date from the day before to figure out which side. 

How do I know which side of the street is odd and which is even? 

Look at the house numbers to see what side of the street is odd and what side is even. 

Do I have to move my car at midnight when it snows so I don’t get a ticket? 

Nope. That would be silly! If you park after midnight, use to figure out which side of the street to park on. (When it does not snow and there is not snow in the immediate forecast, this website says “parking rules are currently suspended”.) 

What if there are two odd numbered days in a row and it keeps snowing? Like December 31st and then January 1st? Or February 29th on a leap year? 

If it’s the 31st of December, the next day will be January 1 so you want to stay parked on the same side of the street. There is a 24 hour parking law for most streets in the city of Ithaca, so you’ll still want to move your car every 24 hours. 

Again, this is not enforced during business hours. You just want to think about where your car is parked 7pm-6am. 

Which side of the street do I park on when it snows if my street only has parking spaces on one side? 

In most cases, if you live on a street with parking on just one side of the street you will need to move your car to a nearby street that has parking spaces on both sides or has parking on the correct side based on the date and house numbers (ex: the side with house number 202 after 7pm on January 2nd). 

Tip: Sometime when you are not in a hurry, walk around your neighborhood to figure out the best places to park when you cannot park on your street. 

If you always park in a parking spot that is not on the street, you don’t need to think about this! 


The city of Ithaca has more info about odd/even parking posted here: 

Get mail that is not yours? Here’s what to do

  1. Please recycle junk mail sent to your address with other peoples’ names on them
  2. If you receive a piece of mail for a previous renter that looks important: Using a black permanent marker, leave the mail recipient’s name but cross off the recipient address.
  3. Write “MOVED” on the envelope
  4. If you have the forwarding address for the previous renter, you can write “FORWARD” and write their current address so the mail might reach them more directly. 
  5. Put the mail back in your mailbox in a way that the mail carrier will notice it. If they do not take it, make it more visible or take it to the post office. 
  6. If it is a package, email a photo of the package to with the recipient name visible and we will contact the previous renter. 


**Remember to add your name to the mailbox when you move in and change your address when you move out! 


For Urgent Requests call  us at  607-261-1949 and include your name and address