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Jonah and Alicia in front of houseIn 2011 we bought our first rental property. We lived in the studio apartment in the basement. We were both graduate students, so we worked with investors to make this dream come true. We spent a lot of late nights and long days improving the house for everyone living there.

Since then we have been honored to take care of more residents and more houses. We continue to grow a team of people who help provide the best living experience possible for our renters. We value innovation and use technology to save our renters time. Meet our True Renew Team:

Meet Carla: The compassionate, smart and organized woman who makes sure tenants needs are met

Meet Mike: A man who can fix just about anything…and knows who to call when he can’t

Meet Byari (our youngest employee, and our son): A small person who loves to make messes and then clean them up (…sometimes)

And Alicia and Jonah

We hope to rent to you and make Ithaca your home!

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  1. Hi I am Ramit. I am an incoming graduate student at Cornell University from India. I have 2 roommates with me. So we are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment. I saw your post on the cornell Facebook group. Kindly let me know about the availability, exact address and what all utilities are included in the rent. Thank you

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